...BY A SERIES OF SMALL THINGS, BROUGHT TOGETHER."

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Music Lasts A Lifetime!

So many parents enroll their children in sports programs, spending tons of time and money traveling to games out of state, etc. Music and the arts often take a back seat to our heavy sports culture.

Children will not be able to play football when they're 60 or 80 years old. But they will still have music.


I remember my grandpa singing in barber shop quartets, and playing and singing oldies at the local diner. He may have retired from his music teaching career, but the music never left him. So for my children, I decided a long time ago that music would come before any other extra-curricular activity.


Research shows that music helps the brain connect and function more efficiently. Everyone loves music. Music heals and nurtures our souls. Music also connects and builds communities. And when YOU are the musician, the benefits are exponentially more profound.

I hear so very often, "I used to play_______. I wish I would have kept it up." Just saying.

Piano | Violin | Viola
Cello | Voice


"So glad you're here! It is an honor to help inspire and enhance your artistic pursuits. Music, inspirational arts, and community are some of my greatest passions. I am so excited to share my great love of these things with you!"



"My daughter loves playing with Rebecca and her violin skills continue to improve through her study with Rebecca. She has made the Wichita Youth Chamber Orchestra for the second year in a row and continues to gain skill and confidence."


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"Professional and fun! My kids have come a long way in a short time with Rebecca’s guidance...even during a pandemic! I love hearing their progress on the piano and violin. Highly recommend!"


"My 2 daughters (teenagers) so enjoy working with Rebecca. It is clear she loves music, and loves for others to love it, too! She is very flexible and affordable: and we appreciate the zoom option, too. I have listened in a few times, and was impressed with how she communicated with them-- promoting understanding using word pictures, etc. So glad we found her!"


"Rebecca has worked with our daughter for over 3 years. Rebecca's love for music and the violin has translated to our daughter's love for music. We highly recommend Rebecca as she is affordable, flexible and passionate about what she does. Thank you Rebecca!!!"