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If my slots are full, or my current openings do suit your schedule, you can ask to be placed on my WAITING LIST. Students will be notified of openings on a first come, first served basis.


*Lessons and group classes are at my home near Maize Road and 21st, unless otherwise specified.



5:00-5:45pm: Group Piano Class 





a little
about me


I have been teaching in the Wichita area for 25 years. I grew up in Wichita, the oldest of 7 siblings. As a very young child, I loved sitting at the piano, playing by ear, figuring out chords, and making up songs. My parents put me in piano and violin lessons, and after a few years, I began teaching my best friend in middle school, my younger siblings, and other friends and neighbors. I played violin in the Wichita Youth Symphony throughout high school, and taught piano and strings.

In college, I double-majored in piano pedagogy and violin performance at Wichita State University, and hold a Bachelor of Arts in music. While in college, I took cello and voice lessons. I also fell in love with conducting and theatre. I conducted/taught in WSU's string institute program, and composed and directed several fully orchestrated musical dramas. Over the years, I have enjoyed teaching private and group lessons, composing music, coaching ensembles, volunteering in music camps, critiquing in music festivals, and serving in music ministries at local churches.

I now teach a variety of music lessons, compose, and work as the orchestral strings specialist for the largest music store in Kansas - Senseney Music Inc. I am also on staff as music director at Kechi United Methodist Church, and enjoy playing fiddle, keyboard, and singing in gigs with different bands around the Wichita area. I also have 4 awesome and talented children who play piano and strings.

For fun I love to dance salsa and two step/country, hang out with friends and laugh like crazy, attend and support local arts and music programs, garage sale, or just chill at home binging Netflix with my kids & our pets.


A few of my favorite things: My favorite food is Tacos. My favorite song is "Higher Love" by Whitney Houston. My favorite tv show is Catfish. My favorite instrument is the cello. 


"Dealing With Kids Who Don't Want to Practice"

A Letter to Parents, From My Heart to Yours:

Several times over the years, after a few months of lessons, parents will message me and say, "We love you and you are an awesome teacher, but I think we're going to have to pull out of music lessons. I just can't get them to practice."
Growing up with six siblings who all played instruments, as well as having my own four children who play instruments, I understand the issue of unmotivated children and the financial investment that can seem unwise without immediate results. 
Music education, however, like any other academic pursuit, is often something we do not fully appreciate until years later. Learning music is a process. A long process. There is no such thing as drive-through music lessons. There's no "30 days to Beethoven."
I ask myself, "Do I allow my child to stop reading if they lose interest? Do I let them quit math if they aren't learning their multiplication tables? If they aren't interested in doing their chores, do I let it slide because it's 'just not their thing'?"
In order for children to be the masters of their own destiny, parents have to teach discipline and instill a sense of obligation to practice, learn, and develop their skills. My kids love music, but most of the time they would rather play with their friends, scroll through Tiktok, or sit in front of the tv binging shows or playing video games...eating only a diet of Takis and pizza rolls. I am the parent. I am responsible to prepare them for life and "force" them to do what is in their own best interest. So DO NOT FEEL GUILTY for requiring practice. And EXPECT THEM TO COMPLAIN. It's normal. They're kids. You're a good parent.
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