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Studio Policy

Full studio policy details are at the bottom of this page.

~ General Lesson Info ~

String Lessons

Violin and viola lessons are offered from beginner to advanced levels. Cello lessons are offered from beginner to intermediate levels. I have had many students over the years involved in the Wichita Symphony Youth Orchestras program, inluding principal (first chair) players.


My teaching approach involves scales, note-reading, various technical exercises, and whatever solo or ensemble pieces the student is currently working on. I typically start out students with the Suzuki method, a common beginning of many world-famous orchestral string artists. I also offer beginner through advanced fiddle lessons.


To begin lessons, students will need an instrument, case, and bow, a shoulder rest (violin/viola) or a rock stop (cello), rosin, a notebook for practice instructions, and any applicable books discussed at registration.

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are offered from beginner to advanced levels. I gave my very first formal piano lessons to my best friend when I was 13 years old. (Her parents paid me $5 per lesson!!!!) Over the past 25 years, some of my students have gone on to major in music, won various competitions, and some have gone on to become music teachers themselves.

I feel students should take a year of piano before selecting another instrument to play. It makes it so much easier!

My teaching approach involves music theory, scales, chords, inversions, arpeggios, and other basics. I use select method books, depending on the particular student and the age and musical experience of the student. I emphasize classical music, as it helps advance technical skills much more quickly. But other genres and improvisation are also optional areas of focus. 

To begin lessons, students will need a piano to practice on, a notebook for practice instructions, and any applicable books discussed at registration.

Voice Lessons

I offer beginning voice lessons. My mother and grandfather taught voice lessons and choir their whole lives. So growing up, I was exposed to singing every single day. I have taught middle school choir and voice lessons, and particularly enjoy seeing students expand their confidence and vocal range.

To begin lessons, students will need a notebook for practice instructions, and any applicable books or music discussed at registration.

Studio Policy


I use many mixtures of methods and resources – depending on age and skill level. Curriculum and repertoire selection are based on the student’s individual goals and interests. Musical style preference and personal goals are important. So be sure to share any dreams or specific goals with me!


Weekly 1/2 hour private lessons are $80/month ($100 for 5 week months). 1 hour lessons are $160/month ($200 for 5 week months). Full month's tuition is due at the first lesson of each month.


There is an initial, non-refundable registration fee of $30 for each student's lesson slot. ($50 max per family). Students who take a break and later return to lessons, will also be charged the same amount for re-registration.



Forms of payment accepted include cash, check, Venmo (@RebeccaErin), or Paypal (



Tuition is paid to reserve a guaranteed space for a specific time, therefore each lesson must be paid for regardless of attendance. I do not wave or adjust monthly fees for missed or cancelled lessons. However, I always try to accommodate make-up lessons in the event that I have to cancel due to illness or other conflicts. Virtual lessons are also an option.


Make up lessons are only available if other students cancel. If you would like to swap lessons, you can let me know what slot you would prefer, and I can see if someone is willing to swap with you. Virtual lessons are also an option.



If you arrive early, please wait to come in until your scheduled lesson time. I have a full schedule and a big family. If students are late to lessons, I will typically still need to end at the normal time.



I do not take breaks except for Thanksgiving week and 2 weeks Christmas break. I may take off for Spring Break as well. If students need to reschedule due to trips or other engagements, please notify me so we can reschedule an alternate time for those lessons well in advance.



Lesson enrollment is year-round, and continues during the summer. 


Notice is required by the 10th of the month to terminate enrollment and not be charged for the following month. Otherwise, student attendance is optional, but full month's tuition fees will still be charged for the following month. 



I have 2 studio recitals per year. Late Spring and Christmas. Students are expected to participate, but may opt out if necessary. Students and parents will be informed of these in advance. Friends and family are invited to attend. Video and picts are welcome. Pics and video taken by me may be posted on social media – so please let me know in advance if you are not comfortable with this.



  • Notebook (for weekly assignments & practice instructions)

  • Lesson books 

  • Instrument (for practice between lessons)

~ For Piano: preferably a full size 88-key keyboard, electric or acoustic

~Strings: applicable size instrument, case, and bow (½, ¾, full size, etc.)​

  • FOR STRINGS - rosin/shoulder rest/rock stop



Students are expected to practice every day, if possible, following the notes in their lesson notebook. Parents will need to supervise/assist younger students. Recommended practice times are:

  • 10-15 minutes for ages 4 - 6

  • 15-20 minutes for ages 7 - 12

  • 30 minutes for older students.

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